Glazer ready to sell Manchester United if tens of millions of dollars offer

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The Glazer family, the owners of Manchester United, will only consider selling the club if an offer is $10 billion. Submitted for consideration only

The Times reports that the Glazer family Will consider selling the club Manchester United only when there is an offer of $ 10 billion. Submitted for consideration Or compared to the British currency, it’s around 9 billion pounds. Earlier, Sir Jim Ratcliffe had publicly told the Financial ufabet Times he was interest in buying Manchester United and had discussions with Joel and Avram Glazer. However, had no intention of selling the club last summer.

Ratcliffe, who now owns Nice and Lausanne. He has also tried to buy Chelsea but has been unsuccessful, with Todd Bohly leading the group. take over Blue lion from Roman Abramovich, at a figure of 4,250 million pounds, less than half of what Manchester United set a price for now.

However, we don’t believe that the club isn’t for sale. After hearing from multiple sources that the American family would sell for significantly less than the $10billion mentioned in a report from the Daily Star.

That price would be enough to make Manchester United the most valuable sports team in the world, with NFL giants the Dallas Cowboys currently ranked No. 1 after being valued at a whopping £8billion.